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Rental FAQs
A list of the top most Frequently Asked
Questions about rental properties.
What type of Holiday Vacation Rentals do you offer?

Deal A trip Holiday Rentals features a choice of different types of rental properties in the Orlando area communities including Apartments, Townhouses, Townhouses with private Splash Pool and Homes with private Swimming Pool.

Who are Deal A Trip Holiday Rentals?

Deal A Trip Holiday Rentals – www.dealatrip.co.uk – is operated by Destination America who have pioneered Florida Holiday Rental Accommodation for over 35 years – with Orlando the main destination offered. Destination America offered the very first rental homes which were located in Buenaventura Lakes in Kissimmee!

Are the properties vetted and checked?

All properties are Owner vetted and Property Management checked over either by us direct or through the local property management agents to establish that all information is up to date and maintained accurately.

How do I book a Holiday Rental?

You can book online 24/7 securely using Paypal. We accept most major credit and debit cards. The deposit to make a confirmed booking is 20% unless arriving within 8 weeks in which case full payment is required. If you prefer, you can telephone us on 023 9204 3686 to make your rental booking. If you have any questions you could also contact us via WhatsApp.

Can I rely on the availability of a property?

Yes. Property calendars are ‘live’ and maintained bang up to date being checked by us throughout each day. Availability can of course change in an ‘instant’ so all bookings are subject to final confirmation immediately after the booking process has been completed.

Will the property be the actual one we stay in?

Yes, every individual property we offer is a specific one. We may also offer a generic programme – what we refer to as AOA meaning the actual property is allocated on arrival. Sometimes this programme offers lower pricing but by no means always.

What is included in the Rental Rate?

The rental of the property, taxes and local fees. There is nothing else to pay with regard to the property rental unless otherwise stated. The property is cleaned after the departure of each guest by the management company and linens and towels changed. It is an increasing trend for the departure cleaning fee to be an added charge. Optional and Compulsory Extras are listed for each rental.

How safe are the Florida rental communities?

Florida & Orlando is very safe. All Florida communities are under the management of a Home Owners association who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a community. Many locations are gated and most resorts have a secure (manned) gated entrance.

Are all properties air conditioned?

Yes, all properties are fully air-conditioned.

What appliances do the properties have?

Kitchens are usually fully equipped with fridge freezer, ice maker, dishwasher, microwave oven, electric cooker as well as kettle, toaster and coffee maker. In the laundry area you will find a washer and dryer as well as an iron and ironing board. A vacuum cleaner is at your disposal.

What leisure entertainment amenities will be in the property?

The Cable TV system will provide multi-channel viewing options. There will usually be a large widescreen smart TV in the lounge and a TV in each bedroom. Most TVs are smart ones. Wifi is fitted in every specific rental property.

What should we take with us that may not be in the property?

All properties are fully equipped for ‘home-away-from-home’ living with everything – including the kitchen sink! The one item we do recommend taking is ‘beach or pool’ towels – they will not be in the property. Also take into account that as for all self-catering rentals only the most basic of personal or kitchen items will be in the property on arrival – so an early trip to the supermarket is usually called for. Each Bathroom should have a hair dryer.

Is smoking permitted in the property?

No, all rental properties now have a non-smoking policy.

How is the property maintained and what should we do if there is a problem?

Each property is looked after by a local property management agent, who appoints different services such as cleaners, pest control, property and swimming pool maintenance personnel. The management agents are on call should there be a need or problem that you require assistance with.

What are the Check-in and Check-Out Times?

The standard Check-in is from 4pm on / Check-out is by 10 or 11am.

Can we get a late Check-Out?

This is an often asked question that does not have a straight answer. First of all it depends on the property owner or management company policy. Then it usually depends on whether there is what is termed a ‘back-to-back’ booking – that is to say one that follows on with a same day arrival on your day of departure (in which case a late check-out will not be possible). A ‘back-to-back’ booking could be made at any time up until the point at which it can’t be (still following?). If there remains a gap before the next arrival then a late check-out should be OK but remember it still depends on the property owner or the management company – and there may be a charge (variable dependent on the additional time required). All you can do is to ask for one and keep your fingers crossed. A further alternative for your own comfort and reassurance please book an extra night on your rental and then you can leave on the last day whenever you are ready.

Is a vehicle rental recommended?

Yes, we highly recommend a rental vehicle when staying in all holiday rental properties – unless you are going on a mostly ‘stay in resort’ basis as some visitors do – or getting around will prove to be problematical for sure. We can quote you car or van rental prices for your preferred choice of vehicle.

Do you offer Accommodation throughout Florida?

Yes, we do. Visit our website at Deal A Trip Holiday Rentals where you will find Vacation Resorts, Rental Homes, Villas, Townhouses and Apartments in various communities throughout Florida including the Orlando Kissimmee Area.

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